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“I’ve been working with Dr. H for 7 years now and he has helped me tremendously. Not only is he an outstanding person, but his methods are top notch as well. Whether you’re an athlete, a fitness enthusiast, or someone who just wants to feel better every day, there is no doubt that Dr. H can help you in the same way that he has helped me.”

Chad Englehart, Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach, Washington Redskins

“Dr. Lisa does three things that a great physical therapist always does. She forms the overall plan with you. Then the Dr. assesses you each visit as other things will always hurt as you are trying to fix the initial issue. Lastly the Dr. always lets me know what I need to be doing and why it will help me in achieving my goals. All of it comes with a good attitude, too.”

Roger, Patient

“Dr. Baird listens to you which is refreshing. I’m not an athlete, just a person getting older with new issues cropping up now and then and the staff respects me the same way they would treat a professional athlete. I love this place!”

Sandra, Patient

“United Wellness was recommended by my ortho doctor. United Wellness is super and has improved the mobility of my broken shoulder so much and given me great pain relief! I am treated by Dr. Walsh and Dr. H – both are phenomenal! Also I can’t say enough good things about the staff – just great!”

Therese, Patient

“Dr Hirad Bagy has been a staple on the D.C. United medical staff since 1998.  His expertise helps our players stay healthy and perform at their best.”

Brian Goodstein, Head Trainer for D.C. United 

“Dr H and the team at United Wellness are in a league of their own.  Their attention to detail and professionalism is second to none.  I have referred many patients to their care over 18+ years, including my own family and will continue to do so with complete confidence in the future.”

Dr. Keith Smithson, Opthamologist for the Washington Nationals, D.C. United, and Washington Wizards

“Dr. Bagy is consistently professional, skilled and interacts tremendously
with his partners, high-level athletes and all of his patients.”

Dr. Christopher Annunziata, MD, Washington Redskins Team Physician

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